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State the cure. CURE the State.

 a change organization 

Integral Leaders in Health is a public-benefit corporation (PBC) created by healthcare leaders to address South Carolina's Medical Care Crisis.

We are not advocates or consultants. We are impact brokers creating the blueprint for a medical care system whose primary purpose is patient well-being and physician autonomy. ILIH accomplishes this by bringing together like-minded partners to advance new projects, programs and strategies focused on two critical areas: medical care reform and physician realignment.

If you find that the medical care environment seems to get more difficult to navigate, you are not alone; it no longer places patient well-being as its top priority. It's increasingly depersonalized, corporatized and characterized by doctor-patient burnout. We are committed to changing that.

 our vision 

Establish a balanced medical care environment that supports patient well-being rooted in the doctor-patient relationship.

 our mission 

Lead the direction of medicine to where patient well-being (the shared goals of a patient and their doctor) is the priority. Everything else is subordinate. 

 our measure of success 

By 2030, South Carolina will receive national recognition for transforming healthcare on the state level—thus becoming a “beacon on the hill” for others to follow.

We have the right team of experts to get us there.

our experts

 our leaders 

Our roster of seasoned professionals collectively have over 150 years of experience in healthcare, communications and government affairs. Our team has achieved actionable change before in S.C., and we couple those proven successes with fresh new perspectives we have gained through our work outside of the system.









 our goals 

America’s medical care environment has become unbalanced and is no longer capable of placing patient well-being as its priority. With this shuffle of priorities, physicians no longer feel connected to their patients or in control of the care they can provide. 

We must focus on two critical areas.

Medical Care Reform that balances the four legs of the healthcare stool: doctors, hospitals, payors and universities/innovators.

→ Physician Realignment strategies that restore the trusted patient-physician relationship and re-engage physicians in their calling. 

 the process 

One of our first partner programs addresses Medical Care Reform.

Medical Excellence Driven designation (MEDs) requires meeting standards that we believe will bring balance to the practice of medicine and improve patient well-being. 

Specifically, it is a process that:

  1. Raises awareness/academic rigor

  2. Mitigates doctor burnout through physician realignment

  3. Overhauls communication

  4. Identifies dedicated resources

  5. Educates docs/ Engages industry

The goal is to solve the Medical Care Crisis in each specific environment: doctors, hospitals, payors and universities/innovators. Groups that exceed these standards are honored with a MEDs designation.

our approach

 our approach  

Our integral approach to CURE the State of our Medical Care Crisis includes 4 key tactics:

1) Communicate
2) Unite
3) Restore
4) Establish



We will create measurable change through a targeted strategic communications initiative: the CURE Campaign. #statethecure


→ RESTORE faith in medical care 

We forge a path that steers medical care toward wide accessibility/availability with a restored emphasis on the patient/doctor relationship and the shared goals of patients with their doctors.


 UNITE a coalition

We will create more open and healthier conversations among stakeholders that include patients, providers, payors and innovators such as universities We will also engage legislators.


→ ESTABLISH a better system

With all united stakeholders, we will create a model that both leaders and constituents will gladly support: a model that can be adapted by other states as a transformative blueprint for state-level changes in medical care.

Get connected with us to be a part of a solutions revolution. Together, with your involvement and input, we can strategically evolve the state of our medical care even further beyond the scope and topics of access and quality of care. 

get involved

Integration requires connection. We have to work together to establish a better and more balanced medical care system in South Carolina.


Fill out the form to learn more about us, work with us, or share your own patient/provider experiences as a potential participant in our ongoing research and grassroots projects.

 get connected 

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The Evolving Medical Care Crisis

"For decades we have heard that the US healthcare system is in crisis — a Public Healthcare Crisis where population disease burden, poverty, and other social determinants of health have policy makers and healthcare administrators scrambling for solutions.

"However, we would like to suggest that there is another crisis looming — a crisis that threatens the basic foundation of medicine where patient well-being is no longer the primary objective: the Medical Care Crisis..."

Published in October 2023 and written by Spence M. Taylor, M.D. and Jerry Youkey, M.D. (ILIH CEO and Director of Physician and Practice Relations, respectively) – "this book is written from the perspective of medical care in the state of South Carolina, where the authors have worked for the past 30 years. We believe the examples we use from our state are applicable to all of America."

Read more about the book's premise and the motivation for writing it here.

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