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Along with decades of professional and personal experiences as participants in medical care, we combine scholarship/research, community relationships and human feedback to push the boundaries of the system's status quo.

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 the book 

The Evolving Medical Care Crisis


by Spence M. Taylor, M.D.
& Jerry Youkey, M.D.



Medical Excellence Driven


MEDs Designation requires meeting standards we believe will bring balance back to the practice of medicine and improve patient well-being. 

 the campaign 

The CURE Conversation

Your health matters, as do your stories.

If you have ever been a medical patient, do you feel that your voice is heard by your care providers? It's time for us – as in everyone statewide – to transparently talk about the realities of patient well-being. Stay tuned for more announcements on our upcoming communications campaign across all counties: The CURE Conversation.

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