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 MEDs (Medical Excellence Driven) 

While well-resourced and possessing some of the best doctors, hospitals, medical schools and industrial capabilities in the world, South Carolina’s medical care environment has become unbalanced with patient well-being no longer as its priority.

So why are people so frustrated? It's because South Carolina has a Medical Care Crisis -- not a healthcare crisis.

That's where Integral Leaders in Health’s MEDs (Medical Excellence Driven) Designation comes into play. This is an effective, reproducible, and scalable plan to fix the medical care crisis.

The MEDs Designation aspires to achieve six chief objectives:

·         Brings general and academic awareness to the situation. 

·         Mitigates clinical burnout of caregivers.

·         Overhaul communications.

·         Help identify dedicated resources to fund the process.

·         Educate caregivers on how to deliver medical care.

·         Engage the medical industrial complex as partners, not vendors.

As part of the MEDs Designation process, a Care Environment Self-Study Task Force (CESTF) is formed with representation from all stakeholder groups to include patients. 


That task force, then, oversees a prescribed process reviewing five Standards:

·         Community Integration

·         Caregiver Integration

·         Hospital Integration

·         Payor Integration

·         University/Innovation Integration

They are assessed using 40 Elements: approximately eight Elements per Standard. If all Standards and Elements are met, the result will be enhanced patient well-being and special recognition, the Integral Leaders in Health MEDs Designation.

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